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What is IT Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a global trend today. Without the need for large one-time investments, you use the latest hardware and software, paying only for the services you really need. If you’re a business with more than two devices and their number is growing , sooner or later, you’ll become to the point where you’re going to think about connecting them. Building your own infrastructure is not easy, and many times a whole team of people with expertise in the field is involved. Comprehensive outsourcing will give you the opportunity to focus fully on your business and technical support will be managed by outsourced IT professionals.

Why is IT outsourcing beneficial for you?

Reducing IT costs

No need to build your IT department.

Monitoring your IT services

We are constantly monitoring your environment. This way, we can eliminate the potential problems before they occur.

Remote support

In case of any problem, we can help you at any time.

Team of experts

Our team consists of experienced administrators who faced many challenges and realized plenty of IT projects.

Variety of services

We cover the whole spectrum of IT services from network management, servers, monitoring to training of your employees.

Own infrastructure

We have our own infrastructure, which is located in one of the top data center in Slovakia.

IT Outsourcing from us

  • We address your requirements and communicate with your providers and subcontractors. We are proposing new solutions, purchasing necessary hardware / software, training you, disposing old equipment, etc.
  • We are using a ticketing system to report clients requests, making collaboration clear and simple.
  • We will help your IT department, or if you don't have one, We will replace it.
  • The team consists of IT experts with more than 11 years of experiences.
  • We communicate technical designs and solutions to clients in a simple and understandable form.
  • In the IT field, we strive to effectively evaluate your third-party costs to optimize the overall costs of your running IT.
  • transferring responsibility for managing and solving your company IT problems, you can primarily focus on your business and ensure your employee satisfaction.
  • our additional value is a team of trained experts in our field, which means we can cover activities and services that a common IT department is not skilled enough.
  • continuous education is our duty to offer clients everything they need for their business.
  • you can secure our services in the form of SLA - agreement depends on the level of provided services.
  • problem resolution (FIX), delivery time (RESPONSE) and escalation scheme are contractually guaranteed.
  • our goal is to keep errors and failures under control and its prevention is active monitoring, so we can fix the problem before you notice it.

Which forms of cooperation do we offer?


It is a service where we guarantee the quality, functionality and availability of technical support in the volume of work on the agreed units.

On Demand

We will solve your requests upon your demand.

Upon agreement

We solve requests for you upon request according to agreement.

Would you like to embark on IT project with us?

Take advantage of our many years of experience in IT services.

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